29 de May de 2022

Date: May 29 – June 1, 2023
Location: Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia
Brief Description: This annual event will incorporate Australia’s aquaculture industry and bring together several thousand attendees from around the world in the city of Darwin. World Aquaculture 2023 (WA2023) will be an opportunity for the international aquaculture community: academics, industry researchers, market and industry analysts, government officials, policy makers and industry representatives to present their work and exchange ideas and develop a vision for the future of the aquaculture industry as we focus on the theme “Supporting Strength in Aquaculture”. WA2023 will offer the opportunity to measure the progress of the sector, as we discuss and debate the issues, ideas, mechanisms and practical practical approaches to building a better industry. In addition, there will be ample networking opportunity at the exhibition, many workshops, seminars and other business meetings.


Únete a una red de trabajo multidisciplinar para el estudio y difusión de soluciones de economía circular a los problemas de escasez de recursos y fragilidad medioambiental que presenta el desarrollo de los territorios insulares.