ADVANCED Lizas and Lebranchos successful shuttles of the Atlantic of Flavours event

The Atlantic of flavours event was very well received, the attendees were able to see first hand the results of the ISLANDAP ADVANCED project, which after years of effort and work have managed to reproduce and breed in aquaculture the gilthead sea bream and the red sea bream, undoubtedly the star product of this event. Three restaurants in the area have collaborated with different recipes of the product, we would like to thank the restaurants La Cofradía de Taliarte, La Rubia and El Venecia for their collaboration.

This scientific-technological event was attended by the project researcher and member of the ECOAQUA institute Dr. Lidia Robaina, the president of the commission on the Fisheries Forum of the Atlantic Society of Oceanographers, Dr. José Castro, the Doctor in Nutrition and Public Health, specialist in communication and nutritional education, Dr. Cristina Ruano, the president of the fishermen’s cooperative of Melenara, Mr. Juan Francisco García and the production director of AQUANARIA, Mr. Antonio La Barbera. We would like to thank the collaboration of the Town Council of Telde.

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