The main researcher of the project participated in the I International Forum of Ecoislands

During the I International Forum of Ecoislands, the main researcher of the project, Dr. Lidia Robaina, has moderated the session on Circular Economy and Blue Economy entitled “Barriers for entrepreneurship in Blue and Circular Economy”, where Dª. María Rincón, Policy Officer, representing the European Commission. Circular Economy, Mr. Íñigo Núñez, Director of Ewaste and Mr. Moisés Santana, Director-Manager of the Canarian Association of Startups, Technology-Based Companies and Angel Investors (Emerge).

The Ecoislas Forum, has been promoted and financed by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and organized by the Institución Ferial de Canarias (INFECAR), is an international event aimed at providing a space for discussion, proposals and promotion of measures aimed at promoting the transition towards a greener, more profitable, more self-sufficient and more environmentally sustainable socioeconomic model with an insular approach.

The event will feature international, national and local speakers who will present good practices and discuss the needs and solutions provided to each of these blocks: Blue and Circular Economy; Energy, water and mobility; Adaptation to climate change; regenerative tourism.

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