Islandap Advanced participates with an entrepreneurial idea in the EMPORIA4KT program

The La Palma Research Center joined Emporia4kt in January 2022 to extend the Blue Economy Technology Transfer Program to the Canary Islands in general and to the island of La Palma in particular, after the volcanic eruption. The Canary Islands program will have three phases. Firstly, the identification of trends, challenges and needs for the promotion of the Blue Economy in the region through La Palma Bootcamp (held on May 26, 2022). The second phase will consist of a series of knowledge transfer and innovation capacity development workshops aimed at young researchers from the Canary Islands. Finally, stage three will be devoted to training and mentoring for the development of 3-5 early-stage technology commercialization plans and pilot projects. Islandap Advanced participates in this last stage training with an entrepreneurial idea.

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